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VOICES Leadership Forum participants discuss how the program has improved their skills and created new opportunties for them.

Karen Howells
Leader, Expert, Coach
How will participating in a leadership program help?
Expert and Coach Karen Howells shares some success stories.
  • As a result of an all female leadership program, doctors in a health care organization took on new projects, inserted themselves in more strategic leadership venues and supported each other instead of competing with one another in an unhealthy manner. More than half of program participants were promoted to new roles with greater leadership impact.
  • A female leader in fine arts doubted her ability to reach a huge fundraising goal for her organization. Her community in the leadership program coached and encouraged her that she could leverage her passion towards a creative donor program and she helped raise $350K at one event, exceeding the goal by 50%!
  • A leading researcher at a high tech company was languishing in a largely male environment where there was limited feedback. Other women and the facilitator in her leadership program encouraged her to go to a very high level and get specific feedback. The CTO and head of research responded with encouragement and provided her with additional support, opening the way to a significant promotion and a coveted leadership opportunity.

The VOICES Leadership Forum for Emerging Women Leaders develops strong leaders from the inside out and bring powerful clarity to each woman’s inherent strengths, values, purpose and vision.
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